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Alyssa Manley

  • 2016 Olympian

  • 2015 NCAA Player of Year

  • Syracuse University, '16

  • Warwick High School, '12

"When I found out that Jess was starting Next Level I instantly wanted to sign up. Jess has always done a really great job of making field hockey fun and bringing a lot of energy, whether she was teaching us a new skill or had us working on the basics. Next Level was a fun and competitive environment that challenged me to be better. Playing with some of the best girls in the area I was able to put my skills to the test at every session. I was also able to make new friends as an added bonus. I would recommend Next Level to anyone that is looking to play field hockey at the collegiate level."

Alaina Skalski

  • Cornell University, '15

  • Hempfield High School, '11

"Any field hockey player looking to hone her skills and advance her play needs to join Next Level.  Next Level helped me improve specialized skills as well as elevate my whole level of play.  It gave me the opportunity to focus on my own abilities rather than just team play. Next Level is different than other clinics and programs because it specifically focuses on the finesse, strength, and techniques needed to succeed at higher levels of field hockey.  This program is perfect for players looking to make a bigger impact on their current teams or to advance to the college level."

Clare Wirth

  • Franklin & Marshall College, '16

  • Manheim Township, '12

"The Next Level coaching staff revolutionized my field hockey playing, continuously challenging and supporting me. I was lucky to find them early in my career and returned for every clinic/camp I could. Their style keeps you engaged, entertained, and always learning more. Their programs got me ready for collegiate play mentally and physically. I cannot thank them enough! 

The Next Level staff are coaches in every sense of the word- they prepare you mentally, they help you develop skills, they teach you completely new strategies, and they support you when you step out of your comfort zone. 

"Incredible coaching in a fun and supportive atmosphere! They constantly helped me reach my goals and attain a new level of play. I truly cannot thank them enough! "


Mackenzie Allessie

  • Member of the U.S. National Team

  • Senior at Penn State University

  • Donegal High School, '19

"Coach Shellenberger is one of the finest field hockey coaches my daughter has had the opportunity to work with. Coach Shellenberger's knowledge of the game and skills involved to perform at a high level is second to none. But her greatest asset is her passion and desire to get the players and game to the next level. My daughter would not be as successful as she is in field hockey without the coaching and guidance she received from Coach Shellenberger."

-Andrew Allessie, father of Mackenzie Allessie

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