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Next Level Field Hockey
Consulting Options


Next Level Field Hockey offers an array of consulting opportunities for coaches, players and parents.​

  • Player Evaluation

    • Staff will attend your athlete's game or training session and evaluate all aspects of their game. Your athlete will receive a detailed report that outlines areas of strength and aspects of their game to improve upon.​

      • Written/Video Feedback Examples:​


  • Team Consulting​

    • Staff will attend your team's game or training sessions and evaluate athletes, tactics, formation and player dynamics. Detailed feedback will be provided that outlines recommendations for improving or enhancing your program.

  • Scouting​

    • Staff will attend an upcoming opponent's ​contest and develop a full scouting report for your team's use. Your opponent's strengths, weaknesses, formation, tactics, especially their offensive and defensive corner strategy/set-up and options will be detailed and analyzed to help you and your team prepare accordingly.​

  • Recruiting Videos

    • Staff will set-up one or more sessions to gather and create game-like/high intensity video footage. Clips will be created, taped and edited by staff. Your video will be completed in a timely manner and sent to you digitally to share with your prospective schools.​

      • Video Example:​








Contact us for pricing and scheduling:

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